Return of Venus

a 5-week exploration for women of Sacred Feminine Embodiment

If you're feeling strongly called to the path of the Divine Feminine at this time, to connect with your body/feminine oracle at even deeper levels, to honor your worth, to release any and all stories of helplessness or powerlessness, to expand into your wild, divine nature and to reclaim your Sacred Feminine energies, just know that your soul led you here. Your body is your temple and a vessel for the Divine to channel through you to share your frequency and your medicine with the world. If you're ready to honor your inner Goddess and embody your Feminine essence at a core level, you're in the right place, Queen!

What's Included?

All this goodness, plus Bonus magic (valued at over $400 USD)!

  • 1


    • RETURN OF VENUS ~ a 5-week exploration of Sacred Feminine Embodiment

    • Welcome to Return of Venus, Love!

    • My intention for you on how to approach the weekly content & embodiment practices

  • 2

    Vulnerability - Week 1


    • Journal Reflections - Week 1

    • Daily Embodiment Practice - Week 1

    • Emotional Release Practice

    • Ancestral Feminine [Mother] Healing (Guided Meditation)

  • 3

    Expression - Week 2


    • Journal Reflections - Week 2

    • Daily Embodiment Practice - Week 2

    • Reclaiming Your Authentic Expression (Guided Meditation)

    • An Offering to Venus - from Songs of Magdalen by Tom Kenyon

    • Sound Healing Activation - A Bridge Between the Worlds

    • Sound Healing Activation - Hathorian Stream of Light

    • OM MANI PADME HUM - The Jewel in the Lotus Tantric Mantra

  • 4

    Nurturing & Nourishment - Week 3


    • Journal Reflections - Week 3

    • Daily Embodiment Practice - Week 3

    • Sound Healing - Restoration

  • 5

    Union: The Feminine & Masculine Polarities - Week 4


    • Journal Reflections - Week 4

    • Daily Embodiment Practice - Week 4

    • Tantric Alchemy Guided Meditations (5 total, approx. 10-12 mins each)

    • Quick Grounding Practice (under 5 minutes)

    • Breath of Fire (1 or 2 minute practice)

  • 6

    Sensuality & Sacred Sexuality - Week 5


    • Journal Reflections - Week 5

    • Daily Embodiment Practice - Week 5

    • Your Most Embodied Sensual Self (Guided Visualization)

    • Temple of Isis Transmission & Activation (Guided Meditation)

    • Final Thoughts & Honoring You, Queen!

    • VENUS - a Manifesto

  • 7


    • Infinity Breath Embodiment Practice

    • Sensuality Embodiment Practice

    • Shadow to Shekinah : Alchemy of the Dark Feminine Masterclass

    • Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Love & Romance Workshop

    • Sacred Currency: A Masterclass on Prosperity in the Aquarian Age

    • Prosperity Revolution: A Workshop on Integrating the Sacred Feminine & Masculine Wisdom for Abundance

    • Juicy Reading Recommendations - A Curated List of My Favs on Divine Feminine, Love, Sex & Tantric Healing

    • Moondala Map & Lunar Phases Calendar 2021 (by Danza Medicina)

    • Rose Wisdom

    • Return of Venus Embodiment Practice Playlist (on Spotify)

Your Investment

Choose the option that's best for you, my love.

Bonus Content

  • Masterclasses & Workshops

    You'll receive a total of 4 additional masterclasses and workshops (most were paid events) at no additional cost to you! [valued at over $400 USD]

  • Some Juicy X-tra Reading Recommendations, Rose & Womb Wisdom and more

    A Curated List of My Favs on all things Sacred Feminine, Love, Sex & Tantric Healing, along with other goodies on both Rose & Womb Wisdom to connect with your Feminine Essence


  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, you'll have a paid in full option or the option to make 2 payments (one payment per month for 2 months total). There are also 2 payment options for the Empress VIP option. All investment options are listed above.

  • Sometimes I get lost in a self-paced experience, so is there any way to get personal support?

    As this is a totally self-paced offer, you're welcome to invest in the Empress VIP option, which will include a 90 minute 1:1 session with me (or two 45-minute sessions if you'd like), where we can cover anything you desire that's come up as a result of the Return of Venus content. This is a great option if you have some very specific personal and/or business desires that you'd like to explore, as I can guide you through it and also give you some tailored guidance or adjustments for the weekly practices if need be to support your vision. Also, loving accountability is great if there's something really important to you that you'd like to focus on as you move through the weekly practices. I'd be honored to support you in that in a more intimate way.

  • Will I have access to the content after I complete all the modules?

    Yes, you'll have access to the content through the course portal for the indefinite future, including any upgrades that may happen down the line.

  • Do I need to already have a business/be an active entrepreneur to join this immersion?

    No, love! If you're feeling deeply called to invest in this because you know integrating your Feminine energy is a key component for your soul and entrepreneurial path, I'm a believer that we find the right material when we're ready. You'll certainly receive helpful tools to physically, emotionally and mentally prepare you to launch and run your creative business, particularly for the Feminine polarity (so you don't burnout and want to quit before you even get started). This is NOT a "business course" however - it's an EMBODIMENT experience for creatives/business women based in practices that shift you from your mind into your body temple, focused primarily on pleasure - sensuality - shadow alchemy - the feminine and masculine polarities, for those who are very curious about tantric and sacred sexuality practices and want to infuse this energy into their current business model.

  • What's the refund policy?

    It's a NO refund policy. I recommend that you join only if it's a full body holy hell yes for you. And as I mentioned above, you'll get from this what you put into it - your commitment, your devotion, your energy, your focus. This is how you reclaim your sovereignty - by taking full personal responsibility and accountability, babes!

  • How do you know if this experience is definitely NOT for you?

    It's not for you if you're: ~easily offended by swearing or openly discussing sex/sexuality ~unwilling to get vulnerable and go deep into your own truth ~blaming others in any way for how you feel/your current life experience or wanting to remain in the victim role ~not fully ready to embrace uncomfortable feelings and/or directly face your dark shadow aspects ~you want "all the steps" in advance - that's not how the Sacred Feminine energy operates (so much of the mystery unravels in perfect, divine order in the moment), nor how I facilitate any of my containers, including self-paced ones ~making a bunch of excuses about the investment or nitpicking about the structure of the program itself

Additional FAQs

If you have any other questions, feel free to click the button below, which will take you to the official Return of Venus page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for ALL the remaining FAQ (there are a few more listed there that aren't here, in case you missed them)